A Legal Expert to Help European Public Administrations

How can European civil servants improve their work? How can Public Administrations adapt to coming challenges? How can public money be better spent for its citizens?

Gracia Vara-Arribas EIPA legal expert speaking at an event organized with the city council of Barcelona

The above questions drive me to provide the best trainings and contribute to an improved common future together. My name is Gracia Vara-Arribas and I am a legal expert at the European Institute of Public Administrations in Barcelona (Spain). I have been offering consultancy and research services as well as trainings tailored for European civil servants for over 20 years.

This blog is mainly intended as a source of information for civil servants working in European public administrations. Find articles dealing with my main topics of specialization: Public Procurement, EU subsidiarity principle and knowledge management. Do not miss new important information (e.g. guidelines, studies) published by the EU institutions or national governments. Find out more about my coming and past seminars.

A peak in one of my seminars on Impact Evaluation